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Termite Exterminator

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Most regular consumer pesticides aren’t really enough to get rid of termite infestations. While it’s true that some chemicals used for eliminating cockroaches and fleas are also effective on termites, it takes special equipment, tools, and training to actually get rid of these pesky insects effectively. Dealing with termite infestations properly is a job for a professional termite exterminator.

Warning Signs of A Termite Infestation

Most won’t notice a termite infestation until costly damages to the structures in their homes have already been done. One should always ensure preventive measures have been taken to help determine immediately if termites have invaded their property. Doing so will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Below are a few warning signs of termite infestation:

Presence of Termite Shelter Tubes on Walls

These tubes, formed with clay soil, were made to protect the termites and also serve as a storage space for food, and can also be used for food transportation.

Cracks in Wood

Termites eat wood from the inside, and by the time people find cracks in their wood the termites have already near ruined it. This can be checked for by simply tapping the wood around your house, or by trying to puncture through it with something sharp.

Termite Droppings

For obvious reasons, the presence of termite feces would usually imply you have termites. A termite’s droppings are similar looking with sawdust.

Termite Inspection and Removal

For a termite inspection, the inspector will have to observe and look around the whole interior and outside of your house. Termites like to roam and hide around basements.

Depending on the property’s size and its condition, a thorough search can often take between 30 to 40 minutes normally. Pest Control Hesperia Pros can give you tips on preventive methods you can implement to keep away from termite infestations.

A type of bait trap used for eliminating termites, are wood or cardboard materials soaked in pesticides. Termites die when they come into contact with or feast on this poisoned wood. Termites could even bring a portion of this poisoned wood back into their main nests for the colony to feast on, which poisons and kills the colony.

Repellents can also be used to effectively put off termites from invading and your home, easily driving them off, and preventing a colony from forming.

Termiticides are also and effective weapon for killing off termites. Professional exterminators pump a fair amount of termiticides into the termite’s colony. To prevent termites from getting into your home, termiticides may also be put at all possible entry points. Doing this also dehydrates those hiding in your homes, eliminating them effectively.


Professional exterminators will use specially designed tools and equipment for locating and confirming the termite infestation’s location. Tools like heat sensors, sound sensors, infrared cameras, and long probes are used for determining where the termites’ have caused damages.

Yes, other insects such as ants and carpenters bees can cause damage to your property. But the number 1 malefactor for insect-related damage in homes and properties are termites.  

Termites create high-moisture nests, and because of this, termite infestations often display similar damage signs as with water damage. Termite infestations can often cause paint to peel and bubble.

For more information on termite exterminating services, such as termite inspection, control, and removal in Hesperia area, contact the Pest Control Hesperia Pros. We offer the best local pest control and exterminator services in Hesperia, CA.