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Squirrel Removal

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Squirrel Removal

flying squirrel removal

Let’s talk about squirrels.

Most of them come in different colors like black, brown, or red. You see these little, one-pound creatures everywhere. In the park. At school. When you are walking around in the neighborhood. And yes, they are completely adorable. 

Here are some nuisance squirrel issues and its possible effects that you may experience

Squirrels can be really annoying as these creatures decide that it is a good idea to reside in your house or office, specifically in your attic and in your garage. Squirrels often favor residing in attics because these rooms are dark usually made of materials that squirrels like to chew, and, of course, attics are perfect for nest-building as well.

Fun fact: squirrels and other rodents favor residing in warm places usually during the holiday season when the temperature starts to plummet. 

Despite being small and light, these little creatures can create significant damages to your home in a short time. For example, squirrels also like to chew on electric wires and other different materials that can be found in your building. If left unchecked and unresolved, this becomes a safety hazard since squirrels chewing these electrical wires can result in building fires. 

Replacing insulation and various building supply can cost a lot of money. Squirrels also make a mess in your attic with their flammable, nesting materials. These creatures can also infest your home with their urine and feces, which terribly disgusting. Also, animal waste can lead to molds, which can result in various respiratory diseases. 

In addition to that, did you know that female squirrels can breed up to a litter of babies twice a year, one in the summer and another set during the winter? If you do not address your squirrel concern, then the female squirrels may breed, which can cause a plague in your attic. 

One possible sign that you may have squirrels residing in your home or office is that their incessant chewing and scratching noises can be heard through your walls. The sounds that these creatures make can be apparent, especially when they scuttle along the walls of your home or office. 

Aside from being a safety hazard and a general nuisance, the squirrels’ constant chewing, scratching, and scuttling can be distracting enough to ruin your sleep.

When you start seeing squirrels inhabiting your home, what do you do?

The good news is that The Pest Control Hesperia Pros offers services that can help you with your squirrel problem.

About The Pest Control Hesperia Pro's Team

The Pest Control Hesperia Pro’s Team is a wildlife trapping company that holds a California wildlife trapping permit. We provide services that specialize in the removal and controlling creatures in the greater Hesperia area.

We also specialize in providing humane creature trapping and other related services. We trap and control various wildlife species such as squirrels, rats, armadillos, opossums, snakes, raccoons, and skunks. 

It isn’t easy to drive these creatures out of your home or office as they are very intelligent, agile, and alert. The Pest Control Hesperia Pros will provide a professionally trained staff with the right equipment to trap these creatures and remove them from the establishment. 

A wildlife professional specifically from The Pest Control Hesperia Pros can help with your rodent-related problems in your home. 

What We Do

If you have a problem regarding squirrels or any wildlife species in your home, you can give us a call. We will check your office or home thoroughly, and we will also look for gaps and possible entrances of these creatures.

In addition to that, we will understand these creatures’ behavior. Once we find out this creature’s location, we will remove this specific creature in a humane manner by luring them into traps and one-way doors and tunnels.

Aside from animal removal, we also help clean these creatures’ fecal manner. We will also replace the contaminated building material and provide ways we can hinder the animals from entering your place.

In addition, we also provide removal services concerning dead animals and rodents.

These creatures are very frustrating to have in your home. They’re small, agile, and they have the potential to be a safety hazard if left unchecked. Don’t allow these creatures to invade your home or office. 

The Pest Control Hesperia Pros offers their services in locations within the greater Houston area. In addition, The Pest Control Hesperia Pros is also a veteran-owned business that provides low-cost prices and exceptional customer service. 

If you are interested in learning more about our services or have any problems regarding squirrels or other creatures, contact The Pest Control Hesperia Pros today at 760-249-7746, so we can answer some of your questions or provide the necessary consultation.