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Raccoon Removal Service

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Do You Need a Raccoon Removal Service?

raccoon removal from attic

Do you notice any raccoons strolling around your property? Well, be careful not to try and remove them by yourself. Contact our team of experts for professional raccoon removal services instead.

Leave this delicate task to our experienced staff who knows all about getting the job done in keeping with health, safety, and legal guidelines.In removing raccoons from your property, there are certain prescriptions to abide by. The law does not allow you to remove any raccoons that are situated over a kilometer away from your home even if they frequent and infest your residence.

The law also forbids the removal of raccoon pups that are under 6 weeks old. You should also know that these pests are highly protective of their young. They are ready and quick to bite.

So when you must deal with young raccoons, it is better and safer for you to contact raccoon removal experts.  They are knowledgeable about ways to stop and prevent these creatures from invading your home space.

Deal with raccoon problems early and quickly

Don’t dismiss raccoon sightings. And don’t let them get comfortable visiting and infesting your home surroundings.  They are one major carrier of various diseases. For one, these pests are prone to rabies infection.

They are also transmitters of roundworms. Humans can easily get the infection from worm eggs of the Raccoon Ascarid. The eggs are laid in raccoon feces. And they can infect humans after an incubation period of just two to four weeks.

Structural damage is also one major problem these annoying animals can cause. They have a habit of damaging properties, like tearing off shingles and ripping apart insulation systems. They will destroy your outdoor structures while scavenging for food or taking shelter.

If you have a chicken house, they will target that. These are ready to tear down your chicken house and feed on your chickens. They will destroy any bird nests and their feeders just to access food.

Your garden is also unsafe with these infesters. They feed on produce and whatever food items you store outside will likely be targeted. If you let them become comfortable, they will harvest fruits and veggies from your garden well ahead of you.

Stop raccoons from taking over your home

In all seriousness, raccoons are highly destructive pets you should immediately deal with. Seek advice from a qualified raccoon removal service for preventive measures you can apply. One way is by properly disposing and limiting accessible trash. This is a key strategy to keep raccoons under control.

If your home area is prone to raccoon infestation, start keeping your trash indoors. Or, secure them tightly outdoors. If you can lock them in a shed, do so. And if you can seal your outhouse, do it. Invest in animal-proof lids for your containers and bins.

Harvest food sources from your garden promptly. And stop storing food sources in your yard or outdoor shed.

You should also monitor your attic and reinforce it. That way, raccoons won’t get access to it. Inspect the exterior of your home. Barricade access points. Secure them tightly and strongly. Repair what’s broken and damaged, like vent covers or holes on your fences.

Remember to cap your chimney. This is one entryway raccoons easily use to access your home. Lastly, cover other visible openings to your house. Don’t leave any type of opening that raccoons can use to invade your property.