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Bird Removal

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Bird Removal

bird removal from roof

Annoying birds and other such flying pests can become a problem for a home environment.

Birds tend to dig holes in roofs for their nests. Birds also often set their nests on gutters and even inside the vents of homes. This can be an issue, since a bird’s droppings may corrode the metallic surface it’s on such as roofs. Not to mention, bird stool does not make a good décor on homes.

So getting these flying nuisances removed from your home may prove necessary. Trying to do this on your own may be a difficult and sometimes dangerous task so this process may require a professional exterminator with the skills and equipment. So don’t try to get rid of these flying critters away by yourself as that could be detrimental for your health if you choose to use certain spraying methods that may not actually be effective.

Trained professional exterminators are equipped to be able to remove such flying pests effectively.

Methods of Removing Birds

There are various methods that can be used to deal with birds, depending on your dilemma. So professionals will have to evaluate the situation in your home in order for them to determine the next best course of action more suited to your needs.

Bird Trapping

The trapping method works best if the bird is nested inside your home. Once the exterminator has determined where the bird is located, they then set traps designed to catch them. 

Nest Removal

The nest removal method is done by removing or destroying the bird’s nest from your roof. This can help drive them away by ensuring that they will have no place to nestle in your home.

Bird Exclusion

Bird exclusion is the most effective method to prevent birds from nesting and inhabiting homes. This process is usually done either by making physical barriers and/or setting up nets or a screen that stops the bird from landing on your roofs or other such areas.

Bird Deterrents

There are several types of deterrents that can be used for getting rid of birds and preventing them from landing on your roof such as shock systems, nets, and bird spikes.

The common types of birds to watch for that can be a pest in your home are pigeons, crows, sparrows, and starlings. Other than the fact that they can destroy your homes, these pests and their droppings can carry many types of parasites and over 60 types of diseases, such as salmonella, E-coli, and histoplasmosis.

Professional exterminators will help you determine the bird’s species, problems they pose, and the location of their nests.

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