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Bat Removal

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Bat Removal

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Certain types of critters are classified as pests when they invade and take up residency within people’s commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Bats are one of such critters that do so and they can be very annoying.

If you’re having a pest issue of this sort and need some assistance, give us a ring and we can help you solve your problem. Our bat removal services are also available in the areas of Glendale and San Diego.

The following are five of the most common possible problems and complaints that pest removal specialists encounter when dealing with bats:

  1. Loose bats that are “trapped” inside the property
  2. A swarm of bats live and roam near a building or home
  3. Bad odor as a result of accumulated bat urine and droppings
  4. Bat found in a chimney
  5. Bats inhabiting an attic or barn

The Bat Removal Process

Bats should be removed from places in close proximity to people and their property. To get rid of pesky bats successfully and to ensure that they won’t return, the following carefully thought out professional process is done by Houston Bat Removal agents:


The bat-infested building or property requires a thorough inspection. Entryways need to be located and looked at in order to determine how to prevent easy access.

  • Species Determination

While inspecting the premises, it is also important to look for certain clues that help determine the bat’s species. Different types of bats have varied tendencies and characteristics. Some of these differences can be on how they hibernate, reproduce, and set up their colonial nests. 

  • Exclusion 

Exclusion is a process that is done by covering all openings and entryways bats use to get into your property with certain types of netting and tubes. This works by allowing the bats to get out while making sure there is no entry access in which they can crawl or fly back in. Attempting to trap the bats is not recommended. Even though they could be removed that way, they may easily find a way back in if trapping and the exclusion method is not done effectively.

  • Sealing

The sealing process is usually done before and during attempting bat exclusion. Sealing is then done on the exit and entryways that were left open to allow them to leave. When all the bats are confirmed gone, then you seal the last exit point so none of these pests can get in again.

  • Cleaning

The last step involves cleaning up the droppings, urine, and litter that these pesky critters have left behind. Bat urine and droppings carry diseases and can cause health issues, not to mention possible property damage as well.

Bat Diseases and Damage

Bats can be harmful to your health, so it is important to remove them immediately in order to stop diseases from spreading in homes.

One reason why bats can be harmful to your health is histoplasmosis. This is a fungal infection that affects and ails a person’s lungs. This fungal infection is contained and grown in a bat’s guano (droppings). 

Histoplasmosis can infect a person that comes into direct contact with and inhales the spores of this fungus. Bat dropping’s spores can easily become airborne if not carefully disposed of. Infected people can develop symptoms that could either feel like a bad flu or become even more severe and develop tuberculosis-like pain (as evident in some known cases). 

Healthy and fit people may be able to fight mild infections, but severe symptoms will require hospitalization and antifungal medications.

Bats are known to commonly carry rabies as well. The strain of rabies that a bat carries is very much likely infectious to people. Approaching bats up close can be dangerous, so, never provoke or approach bats, as they can attack and bite if they feel threatened.   

Bat Removal Services

Currently there are no repellents that work specifically for bats and there aren’t any simple methods for removing these critters as well. The method of bat exclusion is the most effective way of handling this problem. Bat exclusion may be difficult, so it is best to leave this work to pest removal specialists. Attempting it on your own and trying to use types of poison may worsen the problem. You might just end up with a horde of rotting dead bats in your property.

Bat Removal Cost

In the city of Houston, bat removal costs vary depending on a bunch of different factors. Things considered include the size of the property, safety measures, the size of the colony, guano amount, and other such factors. Bat removal service expenses may range from around $500 to about $30,000 (in extreme cases) or even more for a larger colony situation.

If you are in need of this type of service and need to inquire about the costs of removing bats from your property, contact us and we will be more than willing to give you an accurate estimate today.